Raspberries is the sole supplier in Australia and New Zealand for Warmze
– the portable bottle warmer for babies on the go.

Warmze is the only portable bottle warmer on the market that does not require electricity, batteries, a car charger, or boiling water.

Compact and convenient – toss in your nappy bag or purse
and have the capacity to warm bottles all day.

Warmze has been rated the #1 travel bottle warmer for two years in a row! (TopTenReviews.com!)

What is Warmze?

Warmze is a cotton bottlesoc with a warmer wrap that gently warms breast milk or formula in a bottle.

One air-activated warmer will conveniently heat several bottles throughout a day. Warmers last for up to 10 hours (3 – 5 bottles per one warmer wrap). In just 30 minutes you will have a perfect tepid bottle at the temperature recommended by paediatricians.

These easy steps can be completed before you leave home so when you reach your destination or when your baby needs a feed, the milk is ready to use.

Warmze is so convenient –
no batteries, no microwave, no boiling water and no disk to click!

How it works

1. Place your bottle in the bottlesoc and pull up the outer layer.

2. Place air-activated warmer around bottle.

3. Pull down outer layer of the bottlesoc.

Your perfect tepid bottle will be ready in 10 minutes.

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Starter Kit: $18-$20

Refill Kit: $24

Mix and Match Kit: $26


“ This actually works and is amazing! I love the easy nature of use. I love that it is Eco Friendly. I highly recommend this product as a MUST HAVE for new mums, new parents.” Elizabeth


Warmze warms milk and provides the perfect solution for parents looking to nourish and soothe their babies while on the go. Now the whole family can enjoy daily excursions and travel with ease. It is an essential item to have in your bag so you are always prepared. A happy baby means happy parents!

Warmze is unique. It is the only portable bottle warmer that is air activated and lasts for up to 10 hours, a full day of feeding. It can be used by both breastfeeding mums that express milk (Warmze thaws frozen milk) as well as those that use formula.

  • With Warmze you can warm a bottle while:
  • Traveling (perfect for long-distance air travel or even a bus trip to the shops)
  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing and in places that do not have facilities to warm a bottle
  • At outdoor and sporting / leisure activities
  • Wearing clothing that doesn’t let you easily breastfeed (we’ve all been there, mums!)
  • You are sleeping so Dad or other carers can feed or so you don’t have to warm formula half asleep!

The warming wraps which come, with the Warmze bottlesoc, will warm multiple bottles. The warmer wrap lasts up to 8-10 hours and can be easily fitted to a new bottle after you have completed feeding so it is warming ready for the next feed.

One warmer wraps lasts for 8- –10 hours and then can be disposed. They are made of all natural non-toxic ingredients and are biodegradable leaving no carbon footprint.

Warmze  will work with the following brands: Avent, Nuk, Medela, Tommee Tippee, Nuby, Born Free, Dr Browns, Gerber and most other brands. The large wrap fits 250ml bottles and the small wrap fits 120ml – 180 ml bottles.

Because Warmze is a slow natural heat, it can be used with breast milk. It provides the same natural slow warming as placing the bottle under warm running water.

The bottlesoc is re-usable and can be washed in cold water.

Yes, the patented Warmze uses the same technology as hand warmers. The warming wrap it starts to work when it is exposed to air. If you want to use it for 4-four hours, place the warmer into an air tight sealed bag and reopen when you want to use again. Once it is exposed to air again and the remaining 4-four hours used, a new warming wrap must be used

Flash heating (30 seconds to three minutes) can deplete nutrients from breast milk and formula. Slow warming is best as it increases nutrients and can help reduce colic. Tepid formula/milk mimics the temperature of mother’s breast milk. This temperature is ideal for increasing nutrients and digestion.

Starter Kits include one bottlesoc and two warmers.

  • The bottlesoc is re-usable and helps keep baby dry by preventing leaks and you can use the large cotton ruffle to wipe dribbles.
  • The small starter kits fit most reusable bottles 120ml – 180 ml.
  • The large starter kit fits most reusable bottles up to 250ml.
  • Warmers are non-toxic, biodegradable, and earth friendly.
  • Warmer Wrap refills include 4-four warming wraps

    • Warmers are non-toxic, biodegradable, and earth friendly.
    • The natural ingredients in our warmers can be used in compost, mulch or as fertilizer.
    • Our warmers are air-activated and last for up to 10 hours.

Return Policy

We believe that every customer should have a great experience and if for any reason you feel that the product is not performing to standard we will refund your purchase within 30 days of product receipt.

For a quick refund, please contact us directly via email or the contact form here. We will contact you directly to discuss the problem and arrange for the product to be shipped back to us. Once your return is received, we will credit your original card of purchase for the price of the item(s) usually within 15 business days of receipt.

Thank you for your support. Please contact Raspberries directly if you have any other questions

“ Warmze is easy to use and works perfectly. The air activated warmer lasts a long time too. You can prepare a bottle at bedtime and have it ready to go for early morning feedings without having to stumble around in the dark!” Kim

“It’s ideal!”

About Raspberries

Raewyn is mum to baby Pearl and began her quest for a bottle warmer, which was safe and easy to use, just after Pearl was born.

After finding nothing that suited an outdoors lifestyle she decided to bring Warmze to Australia!

After initially using it to warm breast milk to feed Pearl when they were out on adventures she started using it to warm bottles overnight so her husband could pick up the 2am feed! After trialing Warmze with friends who were travelling to visit family and friends around the world she decided to share this great secret with Australia!

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