Starter Kit - $18.00$20.00

Starter Kit includes one bottlesoc and two warmers.

  • The bottlesoc is re-usable, washable and helps keep baby dry by preventing leaks, absorbing leaks and allowing the large cotton ruffle to wipe dribbles.
  • The small starter kits fit most reusable bottles 120ml – 180 ml.
  • The large starter kit fits most reusable bottles up to 330ml.
  • Warmers are non-toxic, biodegradable, and earth friendly.
  • Easier and softer for baby to hold
  • Works with bottle of choice

One air-activated, self heating, warmer wrap will conveniently heat
several different bottles throughout a day. Each non-toxic, disposable,
biodegradable warmer wrap heats up to 10 hours, for 3 – 5 bottles in a day.

Refill Kit